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Zane Egiebade Posted a greeting on 09/05/2018: "This is you typing when you are older."
Inebi Being Posted a greeting on 09/21/2017: "hello you."
Ohirieme Atafo Posted a greeting on 08/28/2008: "I love u baby zane and u are really cute. xxx."
Chisom Akahara Posted a greeting on 08/28/2008: "I love cousin Zane! You look so cute and chubby and u look very nice. Thats all xxx."
Liz Eweka Posted a greeting on 09/23/2007: "Baby Zane. It's such a joy to see you growing, to see the joy you brought to mama and papa. You are a blessed child."
Inebi Atafo Posted a greeting on 09/09/2007: "You are a blessing form God. Such a sweet sweet boy! I love you."
Anthonia Williams Posted a greeting on 09/07/2007: "Zane shoka u are sure a lovely boy .may the spirit of God guide u protect u and be with u always(AMEN)."
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